Honda Best SUV Attempt Yet Set To debut in India This June

Honda’s upcoming Creta rival is a big deal for the company, and understandably so. The stakes are high, and the competition is already well-entrenched in the market. Honda has to deliver a vehicle that not only looks big and bold, but also has a genuine SUV vibe to it. The company has to ensure that the car is tech- and feature-loaded and cost-competitive at the same time. It’s a tall order and one that the automaker is taking very seriously.

Despite having kick-started the softroader genre in India with the second-gen CR-V, Honda has struggled to capture the attention of SUV buyers. This time around, Honda’s attempt is much more concerted and serious. The spy shots suggest that Honda has got the basics right, with a wide and flat bonnet, a big and imposing nose, muscular-looking wheel arches, and a narrow-pinched waist.

The upcoming SUV looks sporty, with a fair amount of rake on the front and rear windscreen. The roof is relatively flat and comes with roof rails, giving it a rugged look. At the rear, the tail-lights look similar to the new-gen WR-V, and the top-mounted rear spoiler also works well with the rest of the design. Honda insiders say that the new midsize SUV shares its platform and engines with the fifth-generation City, which should bring several benefits, including ride and handling, crash safety, and stiffness.


The new SUV will also be powered by the new twin cam 1.5 petrol that’s also used to power the City. The output is likely to be bumped up for the SUV, and a strong hybrid or 1.0-turbo is likely to arrive later. Honda has already moved from a single cam 1.5 to a twin cam on the new City, offering greater forward compatibility and flexibility when it comes to tuning. However, the 1.5-litre petrol is likely to be the only engine on offer at launch, with no diesel option. A 1.5L Hybrid will be available soon!


While the interiors haven’t been revealed yet, Honda’s Creta/Seltos rival is expected to come with a large free-standing touchscreen, ample space on the inside, and a competitive feature list. Honda has to ensure that the touchscreen’s user interface is user-friendly and that the interior look and feel are right for its prospects.

Pricing and Placement

Expected to hit showrooms in the second half of the year, Honda’s Creta rival is likely to be priced at a slight premium over its rivals, somewhere in the Rs 12 lakh-19 lakh price band. The company is banking on heavy localization and engine production in India to make it cost-competitive, but they are also likely to maintain a small gap over rivals for the sake of positioning. Finally, the new SUV is likely to get a name like City, Jazz, or Amaze, and not use an acronym like CR-V or BR-V, making it a first for Honda’s SUV lineup. Overall, the new SUV could be big, and Honda has a lot riding on it. The company’s efforts are clearly visible, and one can only hope that they succeed in their endeavor.

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